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Planned Maintenance Reports

Do you own or lease a property with an interest greater than two or three years? What are you doing about maintaining the building and do have a maintenance plan ?

The answer to the above for a surprisingly high proportion of commercial concerns, including public bodies, is they have no plan at all, or it is done on a disaster recovery basis which does not make for good business planning.

The solution is to produce a planned maintenance report (PPM) with budget costings to ensure the organisation is aware of its financial liabilities.

These reports are usually a short summary of complex issues to provide a Board or facilities manager with guidance on costs, liabilities and priorities.

Project Monitoring

This often takes place where a new building is being constructed or there is a major refurbishment and the Board is uncomfortable receiving all the advice from the project team and /or you have reason to believe (either rightly or wrongly) that all is not well.

We can offer to provide someone from outside the project team who is not 'close' to the project to carry out an overview of progress on either a one off or monthly basis?

The personnel carrying out this task on your behalf at Leys Longden and will be Chartered Project Management Surveyors used to overseeing major projects.

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