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Insurance Claims

No one wishes to have a 'loss' but they occur to us all at some time either personally or commercially.

Loss Adjusters

Where there is a property related claim it is quite normal for an insurance company to ask a Loss Adjuster to investigate or/ manage the claim on their behalf.
The reason for this is that the sums of monies involved are relatively large; if the claim moves in the wrong direction, or a particular course of action is not taken early enough, it can easily increase Insurers losses.
Leys Longden surveyors have acted as Loss Adjusters in the past and therefore we know and understand the approach a Loss Adjuster will take.

Types of Loss

Typical losses are flood, escape of water, subsidence, storm damage and fire.
In most substantial claims it is usual to have a professional party, such as LeysLongden, acting on behalf of the Insured to organise the repairs. Most policies include for such fees.
In a small proportion of residential claims it is necessary to move the Insured out of the premises to effect the work and we have experience of handling this.
For commercial claims we also usually have to consider loss of business, continuity and profits. We are able to help with the reinstatement and repair works and any necessary temporary arrangements, to ensure the business is able to continue trading.
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