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A house purchase is likely to be the largest purchase made by most people and Leys Longden strongly recommends a building survey to avoid a poor acquisition.
There are two types of commonly known surveys of residential property;
  Building Survey (previously referred to as a Structural Survey)
  Home Buyers Report
In addition Leys Longden and Co will, in certain circumstances, carry out a Quick or Summary Survey.

Why are we different?

We believe discussing the instruction with our client is a key part of the process.
As part of any instruction we always discuss the property instruction with you before we inspect, as single persons, families, professional couples, retired and buy to let investmentors all have different agendas.
You also may wish to receive advice about building work such as replacing kitchens, removing walls, possible extensions, loft conversions etc.

A Home Buyers Report is a survey providing advice on the condition of the property in a specified "boxed" RICS report format averaging 40 to 45 pages.
However, due to this format, this report is only suitable for straightforward properties of low to mid range in value, and does not allow the surveyor to report on or give advice on issues outside the specified format.

Quick or Summary Surveys
These are intended for use as a quick overview for example where a residential property is;
 *   the property may be about to be auctioned
 *   you may be undecided whether or not to place an initial offer on a property to confirm your interest, and are seeking guidance, at a minimal cost, to establish whether or not to examine the property in more detail, or to walk away.
 *   where a residential property is either in extensive disrepair and/or refurbishment or when major alterations or substantial extensions etc. are proposed.
The object is to identify principle problems and areas of concern typically with very broad guidance on defects, costs, planning, legal and building regulation issues.
Such surveys will not necessarily identify all defects and they are not a substitute for a Building Survey inspecting and reporting upon reflection about defects and discussing their effect in a written formal manner.

We would expect to meet you at the property and reports to clients will usually be verbal, with a short follow up letter on the principle issues.

It is important for clients to be open and honest about their thoughts / views on the property, the existence of spare capital monies potentially available for works, as this will have a significant effect on the advice given.
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Leys Longden & Co is an independent practice of Chartered Building Surveyors. We are based in Oxfordshire, serving residential and commercial clients countrywide with an emphasis on Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, London and the South East.
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