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Dilapidation Claims

Most commercial premises are held on a leasehold basis and have repairing and alteration covenants.
It is not unusual for these covenants to be ignored by both landlord and tenant until lease end when the issue of dilapidations is raised, usually because the landlord decides he would now like the building put in repair.

We are able to act for either landlord or the tenant and have many years experience in the preparation of and the defence of dilapidations claims.
These can take the form of:
 *   general desk top advice
 *   inspections to check or instigate claims
 *   producing and defending claims
 *   accounts justification for HMRC.

Landlord and Tenant issues can take many forms, including legal action by a landlord for failure to repair under the terms of a lease, such as:
 *   a requirement for alterations
 *   a requirement for essential repairs
 *   an application for Landlords Consent
 *   dispute over maintenance.

Issues and disputes inevitably arise because of differing opinions about the interpretation of particular clauses within a lease, or one party failing to perform their obligations.

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