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Defect Diagnosis

We routinely deal with building defects, although from time to time the cause is not so obvious, and it can be a slower process occasionally needing the structure to be opened up to identify what is actually happening.
If you have a building defect which is causing you difficulty, please let us know and we would be pleased to assist you.
If the matter relates to error/mistakes by a building contract, and it is necessary to pursue the contractor via the Courts, we are able to subsequently provide Expert Witness reports to support a claim.

Building Disputes

No one usually wants a dispute on a building contract, either large or small, but unfortunately they do happen. Typical causes are:-
Poor drawings and specification leading to ambiguity and extras
Unforeseen problems and lack of a contingency
Deliberate under pricing by the contractor and seeking to make up by claiming extras
Poor performance by the building contractor, typically due to poor or defective workmanship
Over payment of a contractor and subsequent cash flow problem
Failure of specialist suppliers
Too many client changes affecting both programme and contract sum

Invariably there are usually several of the above factors involved which cloud the outcome.
Some disputes occur as a project progresses and others at the end, and we are quite used to becoming involved mid way through a scheme. We usually find paperwork is absent, and a best way forward has to be found.
Due to the peculiarities of building contract law most disputes do involve clients incurring irrecoverable monies, and early intervention is advised.
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